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CasperCom.com offers full-service public relations and marketing representation tailored to any budget and need.

With a decade of experience fostering growth for diverse companies in a variety of sectors,

CasperCom.com applies media, agency and sales expertise to create and execute strategic plans that elicit tangible results


Mr. Casper is a professional writer.


Public Relations

CasperCom.com specializes in public and media relations including but not limited to press release production, media outreach, image management, social media management, and publicity.


CasperCom.com uses both innovative technology and time tested means to foster growth. That is a varied marketing mix that utilizes both old and new methodologies; traditional and social media; digital and analog.


Words matter. It is not only what one says but how one says it.

 Caspercom.com can produce content of any type including web site and social media production.

Strategic Planning

Any successful venture starts with a plan of action.
One of our fortes is the development and execution of strategic business plans. CasperCom.com can conceive and compose a comprehensive business plan that includes a diverse marketing mix with tactics, benchmarks and analytics.

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